Platinum Plated Titanium Machine Part

June 19, 2022 at 7:56 PMPlatinised

Tiaano plan and assembling various aspects and Shapes of platinum or platinum covered Equipments or instrument or Equipment parts or machine part for different applications. Platinized titanium anode can be taken as a top notch and conservative substitute of Platinum anode. It is comprised of titanium substrate material and platinum plated (~20 micron) on the titanium substrate material. Platinized titanium anode incorporates great physical and compound properties of platinum and titanium.

We (Tiaano) make the platinized titanium anode in state of lattice, plate, pole, tube and other specially crafted shapes. We have driving innovation in platinized titanium anodes which are exceptionally smooth on anode surface and can be decent substitute of unadulterated platinum anode. The immaculateness of platinum covering is 99.99%. Additionally we supply configuration, fabricating, recoating and fix administration.

Platinised titanium anodes join the amazing electrochemical attributes of platinum with the great erosion characteristics of titanium. They are described by the accompanying elements and benefits.

 •          High proficiency of current

•          Superior execution of erosion opposition

•          Long help Life

•          The substrate can be reestablished when the anode lose its action.

•          High current thickness, and high creation proficiency

 •          Low weight


Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode – Electro Plating Titanium Mesh Anode

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Platinised Titanium Mesh Anodes are made out of titanium mesh substrate with a platinum layer plated on it. Platinized titanium mesh anodes are planned with explicit platinum material (Pt) which makes the anodes correspondingly stable for a long time. Tiaano design and fabricating platinised titanium mesh anodes with various aspects and plating thicknesses. Tiaano have the lab to do platinum plating 0.5 micron to 20 micron thick by the course of Electro testimony.

Tiaano Platinized Titanium extended Mesh Anodes are utilized in different applications. Tiaano have the plating bath to get ready Platinised Titanium , Platinised Niobium and Platinised Nickel combinations. We have the inplant creation limit of 20 m2 each day. We are trading the anodes in excess of 64 nations.

Benefits of Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode (Pt Ti):-

Platinized Titanium mesh anodes can be effectively fixed to all surfaces.

Platinized titanium mesh anode enjoys benefit being an inactive anode which don't consume and remains correspondingly stable for a significant stretch.

Even metal conveyance and of platinum layer and ideal bond on the titanium network.

Platinized titanium mesh anodes are correspondingly steady and dependable.

Platinized titanium mesh anodes have great mechanical properties

Platinised titanium mesh anode the base material is reusable after re-plating.

Platinized titanium mesh anodes requires less anode maintenence.

Platinised titanium mesh anodes are having uniform conductivity

Platinised titanium mesh anodes are having uniform current appropriation properties

 Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)


Platinized Titanium Valve Anode for Electro Plating

May 17, 2022 at 9:28 AMadmin

 Tiaano Platinum Plated Titanium Anodes/Platinum Plated Niobium Anode are utilized for Electro Plating and Hard Chrome Plating Applications. Our Seamless Tube and Extruded Rod Anodes are intensely used in OEM Automotive Wheel, Engine valves and Bumper brightening chrome plating.

Platinized titanium anode is utilized in electrolytes having no fluoride. Platinized niobium anodes are utilized in electrolytes having fluoride, where we want better conduction (its conductivity is multiple times of titanium). It is reasonable for Sulphuric corrosive chromium plating shower worked at current thickness more prominent than 75A/dm².

Benefits of Platinized Titanium Anode:-

Platinum is one of the valuable metals. Platinized titanium anodes are widely utilized in Electro Plating, metal getting done, metal recuperation processes. They have effectively supplanted lead anodes in electroplating applications. Because of their brilliant electrochemical attributes, lower utilization, layered exactness, and capacity to frame exact store thicknesses on wanted mathematical shapes. These anodes can be planned and shaped with different calculations in light of the parts to be electroplated.


Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)


Platinum Coated Titanium Mesh Anode for Electro Plating

January 15, 2022 at 6:23 PMPlatinised

Platinum Plated titanium anodes have been applied widely to Electro Plating, hard chrome plating, electro winning, electro forming application and for chlorine production in chlor-alkali industry. The anodic stability and service life are the main concerns in these applications.

This Platinised Titanium anode is designed for use the Electroplating Unit. The anode is made from platinised titanium mesh, with a titanium handle which will hook onto the sheets for electroplating tanks. Platinised Titanium anodes are best suited for use with Gold, Rhodium electroplating baths. This anode measures 100 mm long x 50 mm wide x 1.5 mm thick, excluding handle. Handle measures approximately 150 mm long.

Parameters of platinum Coated Mesh electrode for Electro Plating:-

Substrate material: Titanium Grade.1

Electrode connection material: Titanium

Plating or Coating process: Electro Deposition process / Electro Plating Process

Plating or Coating composition: Pure platinum

Precious metal coating thickness: 1.5 - 5 µm (Micron)

Operating current density: 1500A / m2

Coating or Plating Features: Platinum and titanium substrate combined with a solid, stable performance, high output current density, long operating life

Electrode Shapes: mesh, plate, tubular, rod, wire, or customized

 Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)


Project Details:-

Tiaano: Manufacturer and Supplier of Platinum Plated Titanium Expanded mesh Anode.

Anode: Platinum Plated Mesh Anode, Platinum Plated Metal Mesh Anode, Platinized Expanded Mesh Anode

Application: Gold Plating, Electro Forming, Jewellary Plating

Installation at: India, Delivery through Amazon E-Commerce

Inspection by: Tiaano.

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Platinum Plated Expanded Mesh Anode with Connector for Electrolysis

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Tiaano manufacturing and supplying platinized anodes are widely used for electroplating and electro winning industrial applications. Electroplating is used in a variety of industries for coating metal objects with a thin layer of a different metal.

Platinised titanium anodes are recommended for use in the following

electrolytic processes:

•Precious metal electroplating - e.g. Au, Pt, Pd, Rh and Ru baths

 •Non-ferrous metal electroplating - e.g. Ni, Cu, Sn, Zn and non-fluoride Cr baths.

What is a platinum anode?

Platinum is used on the surface as a primary anode material due to its excellent corrosion resistance under anodic conditions coupled with its ability to pass current in all electrolytes

Why is platinum electrode coated with pure platinum?

The pure platinum provides a very high surface area that promotes the speed of reaction at the electrode.

Anode – Material of Construction:-

Platinized Titanium anode (Pt-Ti): Platinum plated over Titanium

metal (Titanium Metal substrate) anode.

Platinized Niobium anode (Pt-Nb): Platinum plated over Niobium

metal (Niobium Metal substrate) anode.

Platinized Tantalum anode (Pt-Tl): Platinum plated over Tantalum

metal (Tantalum Metal substrate) anode.

Platinized zirconium anode (Pt-Zr): Platinum plated over Zirconium

metal (zirconium Metal substrate) anode.

Platinum plated tantalum / Zirconium anodes are available for special applications.

 Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)


Platinum Plated Zirconium Anode or Platinized Zirconium Anode

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Tiaano electroplating anodes are available in an extensive selection of standard and custom shapes to fit a wide variety of plating Baths. Tiaano manufacturing and supplying the platinized anodes (Substrate Zirconium, Titanium and Niobium) for various Electro plating Industries.

Key benefits for Platinized (Platinised) Anodes in Electro Plating:-

Increase anode lifetime without sacrificing quality.

Maintain predictable and stable electrode position rates.

A low consumption rate that conserves precious platinum.

Favorable dimensional stability.

Corrosion resistance ensures durability with easy maintainability.

Light weight, as well as favorable current distribution in electroplating.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is basically the process of plating a metal onto the other by hydrolysis mostly to prevent corrosion of metal or for decorative purposes. The process uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations to develop a lean coherent metal coating on the electrode.

Electroplating is majorly applied to modify the surface features of an object (e.g. corrosion protection, lubricity, abrasion. But the process can also be used to build thickness or make objects by electroforming.

Industries used: wheel plating, piston plating, precious metal plating, Automobile parts plating, Copper plating, Hard chrome plating, Rotogravure cylinder plating. Also Metal recovery, Refining,  Chromium plating, Wire plating, Gold plating, Nickel plating, perchlorate, Bromate, Sodium chlorate,  potassium chlorate etc…

Details of Platinum Plated Titanium Plate Anode:-

Tiaano: Manufacturer and Supplier of Platinum Plated Titanium Plate Anode.

Anode: Sheet, Plate, Flat.

Application: Electro Plating, Electro Winning, Semiconductor, Hard Chrome Plating.

Year of Established: 1992.

Installation at: Bangalore, India.

Inspection by: Tiaano.

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Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)


Pure Platinum Coated Titanium Anode for Electro Plating

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Platinum is a precious metal having very worthy physical and chemical properties. Tiaano manufacturing and supplying platinized anodes are widely used for electroplating and electro winning industrial applications. Electroplating is used in a variety of industries for coating metal objects with a thin layer of a different metal. This electrochemical process requires anodes. There are as many types of anode compositions as there are applications. Platinized Titanium and platinized Niobium Electroplating anodes offer numerous benefits.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is used to coat certain metals with a thin layer of a pure metal, like silver or gold, copper, zinc or any of several alloys. During the process, an electric current passes through a solution known as an electrolyte. The composition of the electrolyte depends on the desired coating. The item being electroplated (cathode) is immersed into the electrolyte solution, as is the plating anode. The two are then connected to an electrical current source, by connecting the positive end to the plating anode and the negative to the item being to be plated. Once current flows through the system positively charged metal ions become attracted to the negatively charged item, thereby coating the item with the desired finish.

Details of Platinum Plated Titanium Plate Anode:-

Tiaano: Manufacturer and Supplier of Platinum Plated Titanium Plate Anode

Anode: Sheet / Plate


Year of Established: 1992

Installation at: Bangalore, India

Inspection by: Tiaano

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Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)


Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode for Electro plating Application

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Platinized Titanium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)

Platinum coated (Platinized) Titanium Anodes are highly conductive anodes used in electroplating and other electronic applications. Platinum coated Titanium Anodes are generally immediately available in most volumes and can be fabricated in forms such as sheet, mesh, perforated plate, rod, or wire. We can also produce materials to custom specifications by request and research applications and new proprietary technologies.

Features of Platinum Plated Titanium Expanded Mesh Anode :

Various shapes and sizes are available, including plates, Tube, rods and mesh.

Recovery and re-plating service available, Superior corrosion resistance.

Uniform current distribution and Superior catalytic nature.

Good thermal conductivity, High mechanical stability and No breakdown products build-up.

Operation : Platinized anodes can be operated at very high current densities. greater than 75A / dm²are typical. All of the current flows from the platinum coated portion of the anode surface. However, if this coating is damaged, current may also flow from the substrate material resulting in its premature failure. The primary limitation of platinized anodes is that the oxide film on the substrate can break down if excessive anode-to-electrolyte voltages are encountered. The practical limit for platinized titanium is 12 volts. Platinized niobium can be used at potentials as high as 100 volts

Related Applications:

PCB Copper Plating

Jewelry electroplating bath or Gold Electroforming Anodes

Electronics and semiconductor industry;

Precious and non- precious metal electroplating.

Please contact us above for information on specifications, lead time and pricing + 91 7338798832.

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Platinized Titanium Mesh Anodes for Semiconductor Industries

August 22, 2021 at 8:44 PMPlatinised

Tiaano Platinized Titanium Mesh Anodes are most suitable for Semiconductor and electronics Industries for plating of precious metals like gold, platinum, rhodium and copper. This process called electroplating. Also known as electro deposition. This process deposits a thin layer of metal on the surface of a work part referred to as the substrate. Semiconductors are the footing of the electronics industry. These partially conductive products include transistors, chips and other electronic control parts, and are integral to electronic equipment from mobile phones to cars and robots.

Platinum Plating on Semiconductors:-

Platinum is an extremely rare and expensive material, even more expensive than gold. However, platinum is an exceptionally smooth-surfaced and durable material that protects against corrosion.

How does plating on semiconductors using Platinised Anodes?

          The plating metal is connected to the positively charged electrode of an electrical circuit. This electrode is called the anode. (Platinum Plated Titanium Anode)

          The work part is placed at the negatively charged electrode, called the cathode.

          Both the plating metal and the substrate are immersed in an electrolytic solution called a bath.

          After submersion, a DC current is supplied to the anode (Platinum Plated Titanium Anode). Oxidizing the atoms of the plating metal and dissolving them into the bath. At the cathode, the negative charge reduces the atoms, causing them to plate the substrate.

This general process defines most electroplating. However, semiconductor electroplating is much smaller in scale than the average electroplating processes. The chips in question are often less than an inch in diameter, and the circuits inside them consist of miniscule wires. Any errors, such as breakage or the addition of dust particles to the semiconductor, can result in a defective product. As a result, semiconductor electroplating involves a few extra precautions and considerations in order to ensure the quality of the finished product.


Platinum Plated Niobium Anode (Replating on Niobium Substrate)

August 16, 2021 at 7:47 AMPlatinised

The Niobium is the anode electrode made of Niobium which is having the coating or Plating of platinum. Platinum is used on the surface as a primary anode material due to its excellent corrosion resistance under anodic conditions coupled with its ability to pass current in all electrolytes. The corrosion resistance of platinum manifests itself in its low consumption rate. Its major disadvantage is its high cost, thus making it clear that it is most desirable to use as little platinum as is necessary. In order to restrict the amount of platinum used and to maintain an anode of some structural integrity, it is necessary to use some type of substrate material.

Both titanium and niobium have the ability to withstand anodic conditions, and both possess unique advantages and disadvantages as a substrate for platinum.

The major advantage of titanium is its low cost, particularly when considering its lower density. A disadvantage of titanium is its poor conductivity; approximately 5 times less than niobium and 50 times less than copper. Low conductivity makes titanium poorly suited for long wire lengths and restricts its use to larger diameter, shorter anodes.

The use of niobium as a substrate to platinum eliminates many of the problems with titanium. Although its conductivity is higher than that of titanium, it is often still too low for use in small diameters and long lengths. The principal advantage of niobium is its relatively high voltage potential.

Material Considerations in Platinum Anode Design:-

Niobium (Nb): High cost, high breakdown potential, fair conductivity.

Titanium (Ti): Low cost, low breakdown potential, poor conductivity.

Platinum (Pt): High corrosion resistance, high cost, good conductivity.

Type of Anodes:-

Platinum Plated Niobium Tube Anode

Platinized Niobium Rod Anode

Platinised Niobium Wire Anode

Platinum activated Niobium Mesh Anode

Platinum Coated Niobium Sheet or Plate Anode

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