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High purity water production has traditionally used a combination of membrane separation and ion exchange processes. EDI is a process which combines semi-impermeable membrane technology with ion-exchange media to provide a high efficiency demineralization process.

Electro dialysis employ electrical current and specially-prepared membranes which are semi permeable to ions based on their charge, electrical current, and ability to reduce the ions based to their charge. Through electro dialysis an electrical potential transports and segregates charged aqueous species. The electrical current is used to continuously regenerate the resin, eliminating the need for periodical regeneration.

What is the DI system?

Deionization (DI) filters exchange positive hydrogen and negative hydroxyl molecules for positive and negative contaminant molecules in water. DI filtering and other processes are sometimes referred to as "water polishing."

What are the uses of deionization?

Deionization removes dissolved particles such as salt (sodium chloride), minerals, carbon dioxide, organic contaminants, and other impurities from water. It is a purification process used in both industrial applications and potable water production for human and industrial use.

Why is deionized water used?

Deionised water is commonly used in engine cooling systems as the low level of mineral content means there is minimal scale build up, thus prolonging the life of the system. It is also often used to top up lead-acid batteries.



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Platinum is one of the valuable metals. Platinized titanium anodes are broadly utilized in Electro Plating, metal finishing, metal recuperation processes. They have effectively supplanted lead anodes in electroplating applications because of their lower utilization, layered exactness, capacity to frame exact store thicknesses on wanted mathematical shapes, unsurprising plating science and simplicity of upkeep. These anodes can be planned and framed with different calculations in light of the parts to be electroplated.

Why is platinum used as an anode?

Platinum is used on the surface as a primary anode material due to its excellent corrosion resistance under anodic conditions coupled with its ability to pass current in all electrolytes without forming an insulating film. The corrosion resistance of platinum manifests itself in its low consumption rate.

Why is platinum used as cathode?

Platinum is used in electrochemical cells because it is resistant to oxidation- it will not easily react, which makes in excellent as an electrode as it will not take part in the Redox reactions occurring in electrochemical cells.

What is platinum electrode made of?

Generally, Electrodes are made of platinum 10% Iridium alloy for added mechanical strength which ensure long period of trouble free service. Electrode cylinders are usually made of wire gauze having wire diameter 0.15 mm * 360 mesh per cm2.

Interesting Facts about Platinum:

·         Meteorites and our moon contain a higher percentage of platinum than can be found on the Earth.

·         The melting point of platinum is 3,215 °F (1,768.4 °C) and the boiling point is 6,917 °F (3,825 °C).

 ·        Typically 95% pure, platinum is one of the purest precious metals.



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Ti Anode Fabricators Private Limited was established in the year 1994 as a sole proprietorship company. ISO 9001:2015 certified, Manufacturer of anodes made from Titanium, Niobium and Tantalum. Available in various sizes. Capabilities include design, fabrication, electro polishing and Electro Plating or Electro Deposition. Suitable for Hard Chrome Plating, semiconductor, valve manufacturing Rotogravure plating and other applications.

Applications have shown that EDI process:-

a.   Very efficient in environmental protection

b.   Production of ultra-pure water

c.   The recovery of some valuable species

d.   Normally, weakly-ionized species, such as carbon dioxide and boron are difficult to remove via such membrane processes as Reverse Osmosis and Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR).

Advantages of Electrodeionization:-

•         The continuous removal of these species to a very high degree.

•         The main technological parameters determining the efficiency of an EDI module are the current strength.

 •         The flow velocity in the dilute and concentrate compartments, temperature, and TDS (in both initial and purified water). 

electro deionization


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The Titanium Anode with Platinum Coating is the anode electrode made of titanium which is having the coating of platinum. These rods are essential for the purpose of welding. The electrode rods are essential for producing spark and heat to create high temperature so that the metal could get melt and then we join the two metal pieces in a permanent joint by means of welding. This rod has the main task for providing the filler material for joining two metal pieces.

Electrolysis is defined as a process of decomposing ionic compounds into their elements by passing a direct electric current through the compound in a fluid form. The cations are reduced at cathode and anions are oxidized at the anode. The main components that are required for conducting electrolysis are an electrolyte, electrodes, and some form of external power source is also needed. Additionally, a partition such as an ion-exchange membrane or a salt bridge is also used but this is optional. These are used mainly to keep the products from diffusing near the opposite electrode.

Common Advantages of Platinized Titanium Anodes:-

•          Electrochemical inertness,

•          Mechanical strength,

•          Workability and favorable electrical conductivity.

•          Dimensional stability, long durability of base material

•          Application-specific design

•          A low consumption rate that conserves precious platinum

•          Resistance to oxidation

 •          High chemical stability.


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Platinized Titanium / Niobium Anode for Water ionizer Water Electrolysis Function water treatment and hydrogen gas generator with customized size. Constantly introducing advanced technology and equipment, our factory is able to offer you anode products with extremely high electrochemical performance, large capacity and lasting service time at competitive price.

Seawater Treatment and Disinfection:-

• Power Generation

• Desalination Facilities

• Coastal Industry

Platinized Titanium Anode for Industrial Wastewater Treatment:-

With the development of industry, organic wastewater discharge is increasing, especially high concentration organic wastewater in the fields of chemical and pharmaceutical emission. With high color and high toxicity, it contains a large number of biodegradation-resistant components. Electro catalytic oxidation water treatment, which has been applied in hydrocarbon, alcohol, ether, phenol and other organic wastewater treatment, has many advantages: no need to add any chemicals; small size; small space occupied; and does not cause secondary pollution.

Advantages of Wastewater treatment system:-

1.         Degrade stubborn or toxic contaminants

2.         Fully automatic operation, simple process

3.         Suitable for high salt load

4.         No sludge, no pollution transfer

5.         Degrade COD, decolorize

 6.         Inactivate and sterilize



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Platinized titanium anodes or titanium anodes coated with mixed oxides are dimensionally stable and insoluble anodes. The expanded metal ensures a good current distribution, increases the anode surface and allows a better circulation of the bath. Our know-how and the quality of our coatings, defined according to your needs, ensure the robustness and longevity of the anodes.

The Platinised Titanium cathodes make the ionization, the terminal cell is the core of an ionizer. It comprises of a progression of cathodes (plates), each isolated by a layer. The Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode is for the most part utilized, on the grounds that it has remarkable down to earth execution, for example, solid capacity of ionization discharge, great trade of electrolyte, close design and light weight, and so on. We can cut expanded metal, shape it and weld hooks according to your needs. We can also replatinize your used anodes to reduce your production costs.

Uses of Platinum Plated Sheets:-

1.    Platinized titanium anode is used for cathodic protection

2.    Surface treatment for precious metal baths, hard chromium baths

3.    Recovery of heavy metals

 4.    It is also used for the manufacture of chlorine by electrolysis in swimming pools.



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Electrodeionization (EDI), also known as continuous deionization (CDI), is a hybrid separation process combining ion-exchange resins with ion-exchange membranes. The EDI gained increasing attention for removal/recovery of ions from water. There are different types of applications for the EDI on the removal and concentration of various species from Effluent streams. The aim of this paper is to give a brief overview of those studies.

Applications have shown that EDI process:-

A.   Very efficient in environmental protection

B.    Production of ultra pure water

C.   The recovery of some valuable species

D.   Normally, weakly-ionized species, such as carbon dioxide and boron are difficult to remove via such membrane processes as Reverse Osmosis and Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR).

Benefits of Electrodeionization:-

The continuous removal of these species to a very high degree.

The main technological parameters determining the efficiency of an EDI module are the current strength

The flow velocity in the dilute and concentrate compartments, temperature, and TDS (in both initial and purified water).



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Titanium (Ti), Zirconium (Zr), Niobium (Nb) and Tantalum (Ta) are the valve metals that form stable thin oxide layer on the surface which protects the underlying metals from further corrosion in most of the harsh environments.Their superior corrosion resistance along with the hardness make these metals suitable for various industrial applications. Acidic fluoride media are encountered in nuclear reprocessing and in mud acid treatment of oil-well bores, and valve metals and their alloys are recommended as material of construction in these applications.

Although valve metals exhibit an excellent corrosion resistance in most media, they are attacked by acidic fluoride media or concentrated acids. The extent of corrosion of these valve metals depends on the solution composition, and in the case of their alloys, the material composition as well. For example, in boiling nitric acid, Zircaloy is reported to exhibit higher corrosion resistance than commercially pure (CP) Ti, Ti-Ta and Ti-Ta-Nb.

Project Details of Platinum Plated Valve Mesh Anode:-

·         Tiaano: Manufacturer and Supplier of Platinum Plated Titanium Expanded Valve mesh Anode.

·         Anode: Platinum Plated Valve Mesh Anode

·         Application: FPP Machine

·         Installation at:  India

 ·         Inspection by: Tiaano.

valve mesh tube


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Platinum tubing with different aspects including round, rectangular, square, and oval in various standard measurements from 0.02 to 6.0 inches and wall thicknesses from 0.003 to 0.500 inches. Tubing can be additionally handled to create rings, washers, sleeves and sheaths. Custom arrangements are additionally accessible. Materials incorporate most metals including the uncommon earth metals and other high level materials. Cylinders can likewise be created from custom combinations for business and exploration applications and for new exclusive innovations. Other accessible shapes incorporate bar or plate structure, as well as exclusively machined shapes and through different cycles, for example, nanoparticles and as arrangements and organometallics.

What is platinum plating used for?

Platinum electroplating is used to coatelectrodesthat are used in the water purification, refining of oil, and in the manufacturingof fertilizers, acids, and explosives. The automotive industry uses platinum-plated catalytic converters to treat automobile exhaust emission.

Platinum Plated Valve Specifications:-

Material -   Titanium Tube

Usage / Application – Electro Plating

Brand – Tiaano

Color – Silver White

Form – Titanium Tube

Purity – 99.99%

Shape – Custom made all Shapes

Country of Origin – Made in India

Platinum Thickness – 4 to 6 Micron



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Platinum plated titanium anodes have been effectively utilized in hard-chrome plating. However long reasonable electrolytes are utilized, a totally without lead process is generally conceivable without over the top expenses by just supplanting lead anodes with Pt/Ti anodes. Plating anodes utilizing high-temperature electrolysis offers two extra environmental advantages: Considerably longer life expectancy in light of better sturdiness.

Nickel plating is the process of electrolytically depositing a layer of nickel onto a substrate. These nickel deposits are used for:

Wear resistance

Corrosion resistance



Magnetic purposes