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Ti Anode Fabricators Private Limited was established in the year 1994 as a sole proprietorship company. Since then, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a comprehensive range of Electro Chlorinators,Platnised Anodes, Titanium Anode And Cathode For Electrochlorinator, Chlor Alkali Chlorine Anodes, Cathodic Protection Anodes, Thermowell Sensor, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Anodes And Cathodes, Heat Exchangers and much more. We also offer Welding and Coating Services.

The platinum plated rod are used in research & development application. These metals are also classified as noble metals, meaning they offer excellent resistance against corrosion and oxidation. Platinum is approximately 15 times more scarce than gold; there are no large stockpiles of platinum anywhere in the world. Being a very expensive metal, Instead of using solid form, platinum is deposited on the surface of titanium rod. Because platinum is very expensive, so in this process they used to do platinum plating in titanium metal by using research & development application.  



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Tiaano provides Platinum plating on Titanium in the form of sheet, expanded mesh, pipe, wire, rod and custom built as Anodes and cathodes (Electrodes) for various industrial electrolysis applications, Including Electro Plating, Electrolytic Recovery, Electro – Chemical Sensing, Electro Winning refining of metals, Electro Galvanizing, , Regeneration of Chromic Acid, Electro – dialysis, Cathodic Protection, Electrolytic production of Sodium hydro Chlorate.

Type of Platinised Titanium Anodes or Electrode we offer:-

Ø  Platinized Titanium Rod Anode

Ø  Platinized Titanium Wire Anode

Ø  Platinised Titanium Sheet / Plate Anode

Ø  Platinized Titanium Expanded Mesh Anode

Ø  Platinised Titanium Perforated anode

Ø  Platinized Titanium Basket anodes

Ø  Platinised Titanium Tube Anode

Ø  Platinized Titanium Disc anodes

Ø  Platinised Titanium Strip anodes

Ø  Platinized Titanium Slotted anodes etc…

The platinized anodes are classified as

1.    Platinized Titanium anodes

2.    Platinized Niobium anodes

3.    Platinised zirconium anodes

4.    Platinised Tantalum anodes



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Hard chrome plating is an electroplating process in which chromium is deposited from a chromic acid solution. Thickness of hard chrome plating ranges from 25 to 500µm.Various types of hard chrome include micro-cracked chromium, micro-porous chromium, porous chromium and crack free chromium. It is essential that the micro-cracked and porous coatings have a minimum thickness between 80-120µm in order to confer adequate corrosion resistance. Micro-cracked chromium has a Vickers hardness of 800-1000 kg/mm2, while crack-free chromium has Vickers hardness between 425-700 kg/mm2. The formation of micro-porous chromium is achieved by a specialized plating method involving the use of inert suspended particles. Porous chrome plating is developed by etching electrodeposited chromium. These are designed to retain lubricant, for sliding and bearing type applications.

The finishing processes are used to give the following improvements:

Improved appearance

Improved adhesion

Greater solder ability

Resistance to corrosion, chemicals, wear, extreme temperatures and tarnish

Hardness & Durability

Electrical conductivity

Removing of surface flaws and burrs

Control of surface friction



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Tiaano manufacturer of corrosion-resistant Platinized Titanium anodes for plating applications. Platinum coated (Platinized) Titanium Anodes are highly conductive anodes used in electroplating. Platinized titanium metal anodes are most suitable for wet electro deposition of precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium, chromium, nickel and copper etc. Typical Platinised Titanium Rod Anode for Gold Plating Applications of Platinized Anodes are Gold plating-Jewellery Jewels, Printed circuit board industries, chrome plating, Hard Chrome plating, Fuel cell, Rhodium plating, Iron plating, Anodising plant, Copper plating, Silver plating, Ohmic heating of food, Sensing elements, Gold electroforming, Electro refining or Electro galvanizing, Palladium plating, Nickel/Zinc/Tin plating, Cathodic Protection, Electrodialysis, electro chlorination.

Advantages of Platinized Rod using Gold Plating:--

1.    Having longer life & stable operation

2.    Lightweight and easy to handle

3.    It needs very minimum maintenance cost

4.    It having good electrical conductance

5.    Meet a wide range of electrolysis needs

6.    Required minimum installation time and cost



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Ti Anode Fabricators Private Limited was established in the year 1994 as a sole proprietorship company. Since then, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a comprehensive range of Anodes, Electro Chlorinators, PlatinisedTitanium Anode and Cathode for Electrochlorinator, Chlor Alkali Chlorine Anodes, Cathodic Protection Anodes, Thermowell Sensor, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Anodes and Cathodes, Heat Exchangers and much more. We also offer Welding and Coating Services. 

ISO 9001:2015 certified, Manufacturer of anodes made from Titanium, Niobium and Tantalum. Available in various sizes. Capabilities include design, fabrication, electro polishing and Electro Plating or Electro Deposition.

Suitable for Hard Chrome Plating, semiconductor, valve manufacturing Rotogravure plating and other applications.

Some of the advantages of platinized titanium anodes:

Increased throughput with reduced plating times

Reduction or elimination of secondary processes, such as grinding

Anode geometry remains constant over time

Long operating life and Low maintenance

Higher bath life and Energy savings and light weight

Feature of the Platinum Plated Anode:-

Platinised titanium / niobium anodes are having the features

Low weight - good current resistance, Long life operation,     maintenance free, Economical – due to low platinum requirements.

High dimensional stability and low resistance, highly suitable as anodes of custom made shapes.

Visit our site to know more about platinized titanium, niobium, tantalum and molybdenum anodes.

    valve mesh tube


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The leading anti-corrosion character, outstanding physical & mechanical properties, uniform current distribution characters of titanium, niobium - its Platinised anodes and Mixed Metal Oxide coated anodes are strongly recommended for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) application.

Application Of MMO / Platinised Disc :

Curved and Strip Anodes are grown explicitly for insurance of Dam and Navigation lock entryways.

Curved and strip anodes are intended to work in new, salty and seawater conditions - utilized in other appropriate applications.

Incorporates marine designs, water tanks and vessels. With a discretionary essential seal spacer gasket.


Platinum is one of the most commonly used materials for implantable electrodes and there are a number of processing techniques that can be applied for dense, microfabricated arrays. In the following sections some of these techniques have been described.


The deposition of the platinum electrode is important in the overall performance of the electrode array. The material has to be deposited to the required thickness and provide a good bond to the substrate.

There are two techniques commonly used to deposit thick film platinum:

1.    Electrodeposition (or electroplating) and sputtering. The former is suitable for producing thick films, whereas the latter is only suitable for thin films.

 2.    In the case of implantable electrode arrays, there is a need to minimise the impedance of the electrodes, so thick films are preferred.

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Tiaano manufacturer of corrosion-resistant Platinized Titanium anodes for gold forming and electroplating applications. Platinum coated (Platinized) Titanium Anodes are highly conductive anodes used in Gold plating. Platinized titanium metal anodes are most suitable for wet electro deposition of precious metals like platinum, palladium, chromium, nickel and copper etc.

Platinum coated titanium mesh are light-weight properties whilst remaining strong and rigid, it is quite often used in sporting goods such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, cricket and hockey gear, bike frames and more. You can expect high-performance qualities without weighing you down. This is particularly important if you're competing, where every second and every gram counts. Purchasing a titanium bike frame will see your climb that hill in significantly less time than a heavy alternative. Titanium is also vital in the medical industry as it is bio-compatible. It is not toxic to the body so is used in lots of surgical implants and implements. A titanium joint replacement can last up to 20 years. It is also used in the creation of crutches and wheelchairs to limit the weight of each item helping patients to recover more quickly with less stress of their joints.

What chemical is used for gold plating?

Potassium gold cyanide is the most important gold plating chemical. Almost all the gold used for contacts in the electronic industry is derived from potassium gold cyanide

Platinum Plated Titanium Metal Mesh Anode details:-

·         Tiaano: Manufacturer and Supplier of Platinum Plated Titanium Anode and Cathode Anode

·         Year of Established: 1992

·         Anode Application: Water Ionization / Ionizer Machine / Ionization Water

 ·         Installation at: Pune, India



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Electrowinning of platinum using a modified cyclone cell was performed. It shows the effect of flow rate, which is correlated in terms of linear velocity solutions at an applied potential of 2V and PH of 3. Here the linear velocity of the ratio of the flow rate to the cross sectional area of inlet in the cyclone cell. The concentration of platinum drops exponentially high rate, due to a turbulent nature while linear like shapes appear for the laminar flow case of 0.6 ms-1, and the rate of removal of platinum from the solution increases with the flow rate.

Platinum is the most effective metal for any electrowinning process due to its current conducting property. Platinum being the most expensive material rational utilization of Platinum for the greater value ensures economical solution. Platinum covered Anodes is none but a rational utilization of platinum by plating limited quantity on to titanium to achieve the same result as using platinum metal.

The platinized anode is characterized by its three outstanding effects as an electrode material:-

1. It is stable, corrosion resistant and can be used in various media.

2. For the oxygen evolution reaction, the over potential is very high

3. For the hydrogen evolution reaction, the over potential is very low.

What is the process of electrowinning?

Electrowinning (or electroextraction) is a process of whereby metals, such as gold, silver and copper,are recovered from a solution by means of electrolyticchemical reaction. This takes place when an electric current is passed through the solution.

Why is electrowinning used?

Electrowinning is most commonly used to recover gold, silver, copper, cadmium, and zinc. Gold and silver are the most successfully recovered metalsbecause of their high electropotential. Chromium is the only metal commonly used in electroplating that is not recoverable by electrowinning.

What is the Difference between Electrowinning and Electrorefining?

Electrowinning is defined as the process in which the metals from their ores are put in the solution that is they are electrodeposited to liquefy the metals.

Whereas in electrorefining, it is defined as the process in which the impurities from the metal are removed.



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Platinum coated (Platinized) Titanium Anodes are highly conductive anodes used in electroplating and other electronic applications. Platinum coated Titanium Anodes are generally immediately available in most volumes and can be fabricated in forms such as sheet, mesh, perforated plate, rod, or wire. We can also produce materials to custom specifications by request and research applications and new proprietary technologies.


Platinized anodes can be operated at very high current densities greater than 75A / dm²are typical. All of the current flows from the platinum coated portion of the anode surface. However, if this coating is damaged, current may also flow from the substrate material resulting in its premature failure. The primary limitation of platinized anodes is that the oxide film on the substrate can break down if excessive anode-to-electrolyte voltages are encountered. The practical limit for platinized titanium is 12 volts. Platinized niobium can be used at potentials as high as 100 volts.

Features of Platinum Plated Titanium Expanded Mesh Anode:-

Various shapes and sizes are available, including plates, Tube, rods and mesh.

Recovery and re-plating service available, Superior corrosion resistance.

Uniform current distribution and Superior catalytic nature.

Good thermal conductivity, High mechanical stability and No breakdown products build-up.

Related Applications:-

PCB Copper Plating

Jewelry electroplating bath or Gold Electroforming Anodes

Electronics and semiconductor industry;

Precious and non- precious metal electroplating.

Please contact us above for information on specifications, lead time and pricing 

platinum plated mesh


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Tiaano design and manufacturing various dimension and Shapes of platinum or platinum covered anodes and cathodes for modern antacid water plant. The fundamental parts of the ionization chamber are its two gathering terminals, (the anode and cathode) the anode is emphatically accused of regard to the cathode. Water Ionizer Electrodes [Anodes or Cathodes] are accessible with hanging snare, casing or band as sheet, extended network, pipe, wire, bar and specially fabricated.

The expanded metal mesh ensures a good current distribution, increases the anode surface and allows a better circulation of the bath. Our know-how and the quality of our coatings, defined according to your needs, ensure the robustness and longevity of the anodes. Platinum is a precious metal, having very good physical and chemical properties, such as high corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and catalytic nature.

What is platinum electrode?

Platinum is a noble metal that is very stable and resistant to corrosion. Because of its stability, like Au, it is often used to make jewelry. As an electrode, it is used to oxidize organics or to generate hydrogen or reduce oxygen. You can order Platinum as a wire of various diameters or foil with different thicknesses.

Why is platinum an electrode?

Platinum is used in electrochemical cells because it is resistant to oxidation- it will not easily react, which makes in excellent as an electrode as it will not take part in the Redox reactions occurring in electrochemical cells.

Titanium Anode Mesh