Platinized Tube Anode – Platinized Niobium Anode

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The platinum plated niobium is plated or covered with platinum, which is particularly appropriate for fast and high current thickness electroplating baths. The niobium has amazing synthetic opposition and electrical conductivity. The ongoing that can be conveyed by a solitary region is titanium 4 to multiple times, so it is the most ideal decision for high plating of valuable metals. The assistance life is 4-5 times that of platinum titanium, and the bearing current is 4-5 times that of titanium, so the far reaching execution can save 2.5 times the expense contrasted and platinum titanium.

Industrial utilized: wheel plating, cylinder plating, valuable metal plating, Automobile parts plating, Copper plating, Hard chrome plating, Rotogravure chamber plating, Metal recuperation, Refining, Chromium plating, Wire plating, Gold plating, Nickel plating, perchlorate, Bromate, Sodium chlorate, potassium chlorate and so on…

Benefits of Platinised Niobium Anode:-

1. Manufacture anodes with different shapes

2. Simple to work, no support required

3. Incredibly high erosion opposition

4. Reasonable for fluorine-containing electrolyte

5. Work higher current thickness

6. Longer help life.

 7. Replating likewise conceivable


Electro Plating Anode - Platinized Titanium Tube Anode

May 31, 2022 at 5:50 PMadmin

Platinum plated titanium anodes have been effectively utilized in hard-chrome plating. However long reasonable electrolytes are utilized, a totally without lead process is generally conceivable without over the top expenses by just supplanting lead anodes with Pt/Ti anodes. Plating anodes utilizing high-temperature electrolysis offers two extra environmental advantages: Considerably longer life expectancy in light of better sturdiness. Saving utilization of platinum (which is made impervious to erosion through high-temperature electrolysis). Re-platinization of the base substrate implies that any current platinum can be renovated and reused, saving expenses.

One more advantage of the Platinised anode is that they require no finishing up because of the layered strength and the high-temperature electrolysis that permits up to 99.99% virtue in platinum coatings, as well as phenomenal grip and flexibility.

A speculation of three to multiple times the yearly expenses for standard lead anodes in the main year, and an organization can hope to equal the initial investment inside close to three years of establishment.

Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)


Platinized Titanium Valve Anode for Electro Plating

May 17, 2022 at 9:28 AMadmin

 Tiaano Platinum Plated Titanium Anodes/Platinum Plated Niobium Anode are utilized for Electro Plating and Hard Chrome Plating Applications. Our Seamless Tube and Extruded Rod Anodes are intensely used in OEM Automotive Wheel, Engine valves and Bumper brightening chrome plating.

Platinized titanium anode is utilized in electrolytes having no fluoride. Platinized niobium anodes are utilized in electrolytes having fluoride, where we want better conduction (its conductivity is multiple times of titanium). It is reasonable for Sulphuric corrosive chromium plating shower worked at current thickness more prominent than 75A/dm².

Benefits of Platinized Titanium Anode:-

Platinum is one of the valuable metals. Platinized titanium anodes are widely utilized in Electro Plating, metal getting done, metal recuperation processes. They have effectively supplanted lead anodes in electroplating applications. Because of their brilliant electrochemical attributes, lower utilization, layered exactness, and capacity to frame exact store thicknesses on wanted mathematical shapes. These anodes can be planned and shaped with different calculations in light of the parts to be electroplated.


Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode (Dimensionally Stable Anode)