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Tiaano offer premium quality range of Platinized Titanium Anode. In adherence to the set industry standards, our provided anode is well-manufactured using high grade raw material and latest technology. Owing to its corrosion-free and fine finish, to ensure the best quality, the offered anode is stringently tested by our quality experts against different quality parameters.

Platinized metal anodes are generally perceived as a useful part for different applications, including hard chrome plating, metal electroplating, the gadgets and semiconductor enterprises, substance process designing, electroplating, electrodialysis, electroforming (adjusting anodes), electrochemical detecting, electrowinning, and metal refining, electrolytic recovery of chromic corrosive, sodium hypochlorite creation, electrosynthesis of natural and inorganic synthetic compounds, and cathodic security applications.

Applications of Platinized Anodes:-

Gold plating-Jewellery Jewels, Printed circuit board industries, chrome plating, Hard Chrome plating, Fuel cell, Rhodium plating, Iron plating, Anodising plant, Copper plating, Silver plating, Ohmic heating of food, Sensing elements, Gold electroforming, Electro refining or , Electro galvanizing, Palladium plating, Nickel/Zinc/Tin plating, Cathodic Protection, Electrodialysis, electro chlorination.

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Hard chrome plating is an electroplating process in which chromium is deposited from a chromic acid solution. Thickness of hard chrome plating ranges. Various types of hard chrome include micro-cracked chromium, micro- porous chromium, porous chromium and crack free chromium.

What is the difference between chrome plating and hard chrome plating?

The primary difference between decorative chrome and hard chrome plating is the thickness of the chrome plating on the final product. Decorative chrome plating is thinner than hard chrome and is primarily for aesthetic appeal and as a protective coating.

What Is the Use of Hard Chrome Plating?

·         Hydraulic cylinders and pistons.

·         Automotive and mechanical components.

·         Rolls, molds, dies, screws and other forming surfaces.

·         Press punches and tooling.

·         Mining and agriculture equipment.

·         Shafts and rotors for pump applications.

 ·        Components used in textiles and printing.

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The platinum plated sheet are used in ionization application. These metals are also classified as noble metals, meaning they offer excellent resistance against corrosion and oxidation. Platinum is approximately 15 times more scarce than gold; there are no large stockpiles of platinum anywhere in the world. Being a very expensive metal, Instead of using solid form, platinum is deposited on the surface of titanium sheet. Because platinum is very expensive, so in this process they used to do platinum plating in titanium metal by using ionization application. The dimension of the platinum plated sheet is 80 mm width x 90 mm long x 1 mm thickness with 0.5 micron thickness platinum plating on both sides (anode). We have supplied in this job to the Brain lighten.

The Platinum Titanium terminals make the ionization, the electrode cell is the core of an ionizer. It comprises of a progression of terminals (plates), each isolated by a layer. The Platinized Titanium Anode is for the most part utilized, on the grounds that it has extraordinary viable execution, for example, solid capacity of ionization discharge, great trade of electrolyte, close design and light weight, and so on.

Anode Side: Platinum Plated Titanium Anode

Positively charged particles accumulate at the negative terminal to make decreased water, which concentrates accessible antacid minerals, for example, calcium, magnesium and potassium from the source water. This soluble ionized water is drawn for drinking and cooking, through the really treated steel ramble.

Cathode Side: Platinum Plated Titanium Cathode

Negatively charged particles accumulate at the positive anode to make oxidized water, which concentrates corrosive minerals like nitrates, sulphides, chlorides, and fluorides from the source water. This corrosive ionized water has a horde of outer purposes. It is released into the sink.                                    PLANTIZED TITANIUM SHEET USING IN IONIZATION APPLICATION


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Tiaano plan and assembling various aspects and Shapes of platinum or platinum covered anodes and cathodes for modern antacid water plant. The fundamental parts of the ionization chamber are its two gathering terminals, (the anode and cathode) the anode is emphatically accused of regard to the cathode. Water Ionizer Electrodes [Anodes or Cathodes] are accessible with hanging snare, casing or band as sheet, extended network, pipe, wire, bar and specially constructed.

Advantages of Platinized Titanium basket for Electroplating:-

1. High consumption opposition

2. High current proficiency

3. Long working life

4. After the anode is deactivated, the framework can be rehashed

5. High current thickness and high creation proficiency

 6. Light weight of Anode  

PT Basket

Platinized Metal Basket Anode for Hard Chrome Plating Application

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Tiaano is the largest, most competitive, and innovative anode manufacturer and supplier to the electro chemical and electrolysis process industry due to our proven proprietary production technology and technical capabilities.

Features of Platinized Titanium Anode:-

Platinized Anodes produced and sold by Tiaano offer the best and most reliable product available in the industry.

Typical applications for Platinized Anodes are for Electro Plating, Electro Chemical and electrolysis process.

Platinized Anodes have been used successfully in high resistivity applications

Anodes can be provided with platinum coating with Minium thickness to maximum tickness depending on clients request and application requirements.

Platinized Anodes can also be provided in custom made

We are manufacturer of following items and their superior quality which is our competency has made us established player in industry.

Platinum Plated Basket Anode

Platinum Plated Ring Anode

Platinum Plated Auxiliary Anode

Platinum Plated custom made Anode

Platinum Plated Valve

Platinum Plated Fabricated Anodes (As per customer Drawing)

Scope : Manufacturing, Fabricatiing, Supplying and Replating also very much Possible

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