Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode

Dimensionally Stable Anode

Platinised Titanium Rod Anode for Marine Growth Prevention System

Tiaano Platinised Titanium Rod Anode for used to make Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS).  The Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) was conceptualized and created with the sole purpose of defeating Marine Growth right at its very root, preventing even the most minute trace of marine organism from depositing itself along the ship’s interior altogether.

Key Benefits for Structures (Marine, Offshore & Industrial) protected by Anti-fouling Systems:-

Reduce maintenance costs , Lower costs on using high standards coatings, Increases life of the structures, Only solution to corrosion of inaccessible areas of steel such as the base of storage tanks, Reduces likelihood of leakage from buried and submarine pipeline caused by corrosion, Reduce repair bills for vessels, Longer intervals between dry dockings, Higher resale value, Prevent fouling built-up, Protect pipeline against corrosion, Kills Sculpture Reducing Bacteria (SRB), Full Automatic control and Lowers maintenance costs.

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