Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode

Dimensionally Stable Anode

Platinized Titanium Tube Anode with Stud Assembly for Ionization - Both Side Platinum Plating

Water ionizer Platinised Titanium electrodes are one of the most important components, it falls into many basic forms like sheet, rod, tube or mesh. Water Ionization chamber contains positively and negatively charged platinum-covered titanium electrodes. These electrodes ionise the soluble minerals in the water: positively charged ions gather at the negative electrode to create alkaline water, also referred to as "reduced water" while negatively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make acid water, also known as oxidized water.

Alkaline Water, which comes out of the top spout on the ionizer, is the fraction that we drink and cook with.  It contains a high concentration of positively charged minerals that are beneficial for our health, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Acidic Water, which is dispensed through the bottom hose or spout, is used externally for cleaning and disinfecting the skin and household surfaces.  It is discharged into the sink when it is not needed or saved for later use.

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