Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode

Dimensionally Stable Anode

Platinised Titanium or Niobium Rod Anode for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (CP)

Platinised Titanium or Niobium Probe / cantilever Anodes are designed for physically harsh environments where protective current is required. This anode provides superior endurance in condenser water boxes, large diameter piping, and storage tank , process vessels, Heat exchangers, Pipes and Heater box internal etc…

Tiaano platinised titanium anodes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and types to suit the majority of marine and onshore applications, and are specially designed and manufactured for each project to ensure suitable output and life characteristics. During operation of a platinised titanium anode, the platinum is consumed. The actual consumption rate of the platinum is dependent on many factors, including the nature of the electrolyte and the current density at which the anode is operating. To permit flexibility of anode design, the platinum coating can be electro deposited onto the titanium at different thicknesses during manufacture. The most common thicknesses being 2.5 microns, 5 microns and 7.5 microns, although thicker plating can be provided for particularly severe applications.

Tiaano manufacturing and supplying platinised titanium or Niobium anodes with complete assemblies and cable tails, and mounting arrangements. These assemblies incorporate elements in rod, tube and sheet form.

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