Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode

Dimensionally Stable Anode

Tiaano Manufacturer and Supplier in India at Chennai of Platinized / Platinised Titanium Expanded Mesh Anode with Strip Assembly for Waste Water Treatment Unit

Platinised titanium anodes are very frequently used as expanded mesh anodes due to their excellent practice characteristics of high throwing power, good electrolyte exchange, compact construction, low weight etc.

The generation of electrochemical oxidants for use in water treatment in industrial plants. Not only are our anodes used in industrial waste water treatment, but they are also used in applications such as process water treatment, the treatment of potable water, water disinfection (for use in the food industry) and extreme water disinfection. The great advantages of this electrolytic generation of oxidants are the ease with which they are handled and most importantly the reliability of the oxidants produced. Platinised Titanium Anodes involve the treatment of waste water containing inorganic contaminants, such as cyanide and nitrates. Different products are yielded from this electrolysis depending on a number of factors, including pH.

Basic Principles of Electrocatalytic Oxidation Technology

The mechanism of the electrocatalytic oxidation process for organic wastewater treatment is to degrade the organic matter directly through the high potential and high catalytic activity of the anode surface or through reaction between the strong oxidants made by the anode surface (such as H2O2, • OH, ClO-, etc.) and toxic organic matter, and further degrade the toxic pollutants in wastewater.

Advantages of Electrocatalytic Oxidation Technology

1.         Oxygen evolution potential ≥1.70v, strong oxidation

2.         High current efficiency;

3.         Insoluble anode, corrosion-resistant.

4.         Anodic matrix reusable.

5.         Low cost, long life span, cost-effective.

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