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Tiaano producing different sizes and Shapes of platinised Titanium Anodes and Cathode for Hard Chrome Plating. In view of a truly adaptable creation factory, we can produce anodes, all things considered. Sheet, plate, network, wire, pole, cylindrical or mixes or potentially congregations of these materials. Their size and number fluctuate from a few cm2 to 2 m2 and amount 1 to 10,000 numbers. All anodes are created by client determinations.

Platinized titanium anodes are produced with a titanium base design as either a plate, bar, wire, cross section, or cylinder (or any shape according to ask for). A slight covering of platinum with a thickness of no less than 0.1 microns (with a limit of 20 m) is kept up with on the anode's surface, prepared for metal completing at plating showers. These platinum-covered anodes have similar electrochemical properties as platinum and act like platinum metal.

Platinized metal anodes are generally perceived as a useful part for different applications, including hard chrome plating, metal electroplating, the gadgets and semiconductor enterprises, substance process designing, electroplating, electrodialysis, electroforming (adjusting anodes), electrochemical detecting, electrowinning, and metal refining, electrolytic recovery of chromic corrosive, sodium hypochlorite creation, electrosynthesis of natural and inorganic synthetic compounds, and cathodic security applications.

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