Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode

Dimensionally Stable Anode

Platinum Plated Sheet Anode for Electro Plating Application

Platinised titanium anodes combine the excellent electrochemical characteristics of platinum with the good corrosion qualities of titanium.  This anode is designed for Electro Plating application. They are characterised by the following features and advantages.

•          Energy saving potential

•          Low weight (in particular expanded metal anodes)

•          Long service time even at high current density

•          Dimensional stability, long durability of base material

•          Replating possible

•          Higher quality of end product

•          Application-specific design


Such anodes consist of a titanium based material in the form of expanded mesh, sheet, rod, wire, or pipe. The standard platinum layer thickness is 2 - 5 micron, in case of higher loads layer thickness of up to 20 micron. The lifetime of platinised titanium anodes is in particular dependent on the work medium (electrolyte) and the anodic current (specific current density). It should not exceed 75 A/dm2.


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