Platinized Titanium & Niobium Anode

Dimensionally Stable Anode

Platinum Plated Titanium Disc Anode and Half Disc Anode for Electro Plating

Platinum is a precious metal having very good physical and chemical properties such as high corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and catalytic nature. The Platinum Coating delivers excellent performance and a long service life. The life time of platinised titanium anodes is in particular dependent on the work medium (electrolyte) and the anodic current (specific current density). According to experience, it is approx. 1-4 g platinum per one million ampere hours in fluoride-free chromium baths. In case of specific current densities of over 75 A/dm2 or upon the use of baths containing fluoride, we recommend the use of platinised niobium anodes.

Possible applications of Platinised Titanium Anodes / Electrodes for Electroplating, Electrowinning, Electro Galvanizing, Electro Floculation, Cathodic Proctection, Water Electrolysis, Electrochlorination, Electrodialysis, Sea Water Chlorination, Sewage Treatment, Chloroalkali Cells - Diaphragm / Mercury / Membrane cells, Chlorate Cells, Hydrogen Cells, Iodate cells, Bromate Cells, Per Chlorate cells, Sodium Chlorate Cells, FUEL Cells.

Properties of platinum Plating: -


Good adhesion

High plasticity

High ductility

High Purity

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